Project Cost: $9,900,000
Project Size: 73,200 SF

The existing Moody Air Force Base Hospital was renovated and expanded to become the Composite Medical/Dental Clinic. Over 66,400 gross square feet of the existing medical facility were renovated and a 6,750 gross square foot addition constructed. The facility followed the US Air Force's Clinic of the Future model, which centers on a team approach to healthcare and the principles of flexibility, modularity and utilizing the latest technologies. The clinic contains various departments including Primary Care, Dental Care, Mental Health, Clinical Labs, Records, Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy. Since the facility was required to remain operational during construction, the design team was required to develop multiple phasing plans to assure the delivery of healthcare services was not compromised.

Renovation of Medical and Dental Clinic, Moody AFB
Work performed while employed at HSMM/AECOM