Project Cost: $23,980,000
Project Size: 245,300 SF

The expansion to the existing Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base consisted of a new 234,000 square foot Cold War aviation hangar and 120 foot diameter by 140 foot tall Hall of Missiles. The Cold War aviation hangar houses aircraft from the Cold War era and has arched trusses that span 300 feet and rise to over 85 feet above the hangar floor. Aircraft are theatrically displayed both on the hangar floor and suspended from the hangar structure. The Hall of Missiles displays intercontinental ballistic missiles from the same era and simulates an actual missile silo environment. The Hall is connected to the Cold War hangar via a two-story connector which terminates in a sweeping balcony. Access to the mezzanine level of the Hall is provided via a glass enclosed monumental stair and elevator.

US Air Force Museum Addition, Wright-Patterson AFB
Work performed while employed at HSMM/AECOM